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Connector & Stripanels - Mini 3-Pole Plugs & Jacks


Miniature Thermocouple Connectors for easy mating of small diameter sheathed thermocouple to extension wires where an electrical interference noise shield is required.
Featuring reliable, easy hook-up Jab-in® thermocouple terminals with built-in shield wire connection.

These 3-pole miniature thermocouple connectors are the most functional terminations available. Developed by temperature instrumentation experts in response to user requirements, these connectors achieve dependable connections between small diameter metal sheathed thermocouples and extension wires. Fine wires found in these units are easily handled and an automatically terminated shield wire circuit is provided.

The premium materials of which these connectors are made make them unusually suitable for harsh environments even where extreme temperature tolerance is a factor.

The real cost of a connector includes the time required for installation and reliability in service. The mini 3-pole connectors give you the best performance at the lowest cost.



  • Mini 3-Pole Thermocouple Connector plugs and jacks provide rapid, dependable connections between small diameter sheathed thermocouples and extension wires with shield terminals an integral part of the system. In its all-copper version the 3-pole mini is ideal for 3-wire RTD applications.
  • The thermocouple alloys of the prongs and inserts match ANSI standards to maintain thermocouple integrity. The thermocouple alloy-type letter code, polarity and shield terminal are identified by symbols that are molded into the connector body.
Mini Connector Torque Specifications (To avoid spinning or cracking of the mini connector)
  Standard Mini Connector High Temp Mini Connector
Terminal Screws (#2-56 X 0.135") 30ozf*in (22cN*m) 50ozf*in (36cN*m)
Cap Screws (#2-56 X 0.25") 25ozf*in (18cN*m) 35ozf*in (26cN*m)


T/C Type Code Connector (+) Positive T/C Alloy Connector (-) Negative T/C Alloy Shield Terminal Alloy ANSI Color Code IEC
Color Code
T Copper Constantan Copper Blue Brown
J Iron Constantan Copper Black Black
E Chromel Constantan Copper Violet Violet
K Chromel Alumel Copper Yellow Green
N Nicrosil Nisil Copper Orange Pink
R Copper #11 Alloy Copper Green Orange
S Copper #11 Alloy Copper Green Orange
U Copper Copper Copper White White
C #405 Alloy #426 Alloy Copper Brown -
1,2,3 Copper Copper Copper White White

  • Polarized pins are virtually impossible to mismate.
  • Large double-wipe jack inserts assure tight grip and low signal loss. With an isolated screw design, contact is all thermocouple alloy from wire entrance to wire exit.
  • Jab-In® terminals require only 1/4" of insulation to be removed. Wire is sandwiched between contacts of thermocouple alloy without damage.
  • For use in corrosive environments, gold or nickel plated prongs and inserts are available. Caution - system errors can result from use of plated contacts if significant thermal gradients exist at the connector.
  • Connector bodies are molded from glass-filled thermoset compounds (will not melt) for high strength and dependability. The color coded connector bodies will withstand ambient temperatures to 400°F (205°C) continuous duty and 500°F (260°C) intermittent use.
  • High temperature connector bodies (all high temperature connector bodies are color coded RED) are made of a highly stable and inert silicone-based thermoset compound that will withstand ambient temperatures to 800°F (425°C) continuous duty and 1000°F (540°C) intermittent use. These units have proven durable in the presence of radiation, and their low-outgassing properties also make them highly satisfactory for use under vacuum.
  • Surface mounting and stacking, if required, can be made by use of molded-in clearance holes.
  • Shield terminals provide isolated connections of the shield circuit via the built-in sheath-to-shield link.

    Mini 3-Pole Plugs & Jacks
    Code No. Description
    1261-* Mini 3-Pole Plug
    1211-* Mini 3-Pole Jack
    *Thermocouple Type Code - T, J, E, K, N, R, S, U, 123
    "C" Mini 3-Pole Plugs & Jacks
    (Tungsten 5% Re/Tungsten 26% Re)
    Code No. Description
    1261-C Mini 3-Pole Plug
    1211-C Mini 3-Pole Jack
    Hi-Temp Mini 3-Pole Plugs & Jacks
    Code No. Description
    1361-* H/T Mini 3-Pole Plug
    1311-* H/T Mini 3-Pole Jack
    *Thermocouple Type Code - T, J, E, K, N, R, S, U, 123
    "C" Hi-Temp Mini 3-Pole Plugs & Jacks
    (Tungsten 5% Re/Tungsten 26% Re)
    Code No. Description
    1361-C Mini 3-Pole Plug
    1311-C Mini 3-Pole Jack

    For more information regarding Mini 3-Pole Plugs and Jacks,
    Consult your Marlin Catalog, pages F-18 to F-22.