Temperature Instrumentation for Research and Industry


Instruments - Mini Calport

The Old Way
(Instrument display hard to see.)
The CalPort Way
(Instrument display easily seen.)
To Monitor Circuit In Operation

  • Open Panel
  • This is very time consuming.
  • Locate Thermocouple Termination.
  • Watch out for high voltage areas!
  • "Clip-On" to Screw Terminals
  • Observe Polarity - Test clips easily slip off
To Monitor Circuit In Operation

  • Plug into TEST port.
  • Front-Panel Accessible.




To Test Isolated Thermocouple

  • After panel has been opened
  • Disconnect thermocouple from Instrument.
    (Time consuming - tedious - must insure that disconnected wires are properly identified.)
  • Clip on to Sendor Wires
  • Observe polarity color code.


To Test Isolated Thermocouple

  • Remove secured SHUNT-PLUG
    SHUNT is secured by screw & retained by chain.
  • Plug into T/C port.
  • Uses polarized mini plug.



Order the Marlin Mini CalPort for your Instrumentation:

Marlin Model 1296 - ____ (Specify thermocouple type J, K, R,S etc.)


For more information regarding Mini Calports
Consult your Marlin Catalog.