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Protecting Tubes-Refactory - Laminated Metal Protecting Tubes

refractory laminated-metal

Refractory-Laminated Metal Tube(Part No. RL-Length (12" to 36") offers the mechanical protection of metal tubes and the corrosion resistance of ceramics. For molten aluminum or zinc applications, they resist erosion, will not contaminate metal melts and will out last iron tubes by many times.

(Part No. FL-K-12")

floating refractory laminated-metal

Floating, refractory-laminated, metal protecting tube with thermocouple for accurate temperature indication approximately 3" below the melt level. laminated silicon carbide tip provides good heat transfer to SS sheathed, Type K, 0.125 O.D., thermocouple with 36" fiberglass insulated and SS overbraid leads. Floatation may require support spring or holder.

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