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Metal Sheathed - Inert Oxide Insulated

Marlox Drawing Marlox is metal sheathed, inert oxide insulated thermocouple cable from marlin manufacturing Corporation. Available within ANSI/ASTM calibratioin tolerances and with various types of sheath alloys. Marlox can be ordered as complete fabricated assemblies or in random lengths. Drawn to final size and fully annealed standard Marlox, single or dual thermocouple element, is moisture-proof, pressure resistant, accurate, bendable and weldable. Quality control procedures insure that all thermocouple material is tested for adequate insulation resistance. All certified Marlox stock is checked for ANSI/ASTM limits of error conformance by lot sampling in our quality control metrology laboratory, which is certified traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISO 17025 NVLAP accredited (Lab Code 2000512-0). Post assembly certified traceable calibration is available upon request.

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  1. DO check in place.
  2. DO replace at established, proper intervals.
  3. DO have good connections throughout the circuit.


  1. DON'T reinsert at different immersions. (Avoid decreasing the immersion).
  2. DON'T use for accurate measurements at lower temperatures after being exposed to higher temperatures.
  3. DON'T use in defective protecting tubes.
  4. DON'T insulate with used insulators.
  5. DON'T use oils and solvents on or in T/C's or T/C assemblies.

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General Selection Parameters

The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple used. Temperature, atmosphere, protection, response, and service life should be considered. The following descriptions serve as a guide to selection.

Thermocouple Type
Select the thermocouple type that will be capable of operating in your application temperature range.
Sheath Alloy
Select a sheath alloy that will withstand the temperature and possible corrosives of your application.
Sheath Size
Use the thermocouple size that will withstand the rigors of your application, but with minimal effect on it.
Junction Type
Select the junction that will give the protection and response characteristics that you require.
Marlox Transition and/or Extension Types
Transition and Extension Types.
Fitting or Mounting Type
In order to attach and/or seal the thermocouple in your application, you can use a fitting - braze, weld or solder it in place.
Terminal Type
For connection to instruments, various terminations and extensions are available.

Specialty Marlox® Items

Marlin offers thermocouples utilizing noble metals and exotic materials for the sheath, thermocouple wires and insulation. These thermocouples are fabricated utilizing hard-fired refractory oxides and incorporate the highest manufacturing syandards to insure performance and to prevent contamination.

Marlox is available for your fabrication from our stock. Ends are cut square and moisture sealed.

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