Temperature Instrumentation for Research and Industry

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Marlin manufactures, services, and distributes temperature instrumentation for research and industrial applications. Marlins goal is being the VALUE supplier to our customers. Value is accomplished through People, Information and Technology producing products with continuous improvements in Quality, Service, Speed, Cost Control, and Innovation. In doing this, we operate the company responsibly to maintain growth and profitability for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

A Brief History of Marlin Manufacturing Corporation
John and Lillian Tymkewicz founded Marlin Manufacturing Corporation in 1952. Up until this time JT built a reputation as a top machinist and innovator at NACA (now NASA). NACA gave him the opportunity; 1) to apply the skills he learned at US Steel and Bendix where he was a machinist; 2) to learn from technology leaders in aviation and mechanical interests; and 3) to advance in engineering through schooling and practical applications of instrumentation.

Temperature was of great importance in this technology. The thermocouple was being utilized because it could be adapted to the varying high temperature applications. One troublesome task was extending and connecting them to readout instruments. JT had an idea to utilize the then new technology of plastics in combination with thermocouple materials to produce a thermocouple connector that could be easily used in the field as well as the laboratory. JT was well established at NACA when a new beginning for aircraft technology started. Jet aircraft became the focus of their attention. It was as if a curtain was drawn. In one week all experimentation on piston engines ceased and jet engine development began. With the jet came an even more important emphasis on temperature instrumentation and the thermocouple.

JT pondered his idea of a molded body thermocouple connector. Many obstacles would have to be overcome. One major consideration was the plastic material. It had to be thermoset (i.e. will not melt in use) to hold up to the severe conditions of the jet engine. Materials of this type were not yet being precision molded as would be required by his idea. JT thought to overcome the obstacles.

So, Marlin Manufacturing Corporation was started in order to manifest his idea. The company initially was a machine shop. JT’s machining and custom fabricating instrumentation talents would be the main stay of Marlin until he could develop his idea.

He did succeed in molding the thermoset material. At the time the raw resin was the consistency of broom bristle. In order to be molded, it had to be in a pre-form. No one could pre-form this material. So, JT built a machine to do the job. This was just one of the obstacles. It took years of development to succeed. The basic thermocouple connector is still one of Marlin's most sustaining products. Copied but never equaled in the market place, JT's idea must have been a good one to last these fifty years. Marlin has continued to grow providing value to our customers in temperature instrumentation.

Marlin's theme is: Temperature Instrumentation for Research and Industry.

Marlin's Operations personnel are Technicians who do the value added work of: Calibrations; Instrument Service and Repair; Custom Fabrication; Sensor Fabrication; Plastic Molding; Machining; and Assembly.

Marlin's Operations are supported by administrators, staff, and consultants who: sell our products and services; research and develop products; engineer the products; buy and distribute materials needed to make the products; engineer and make the production equipment; maintain the equipment; provide the information to operate; account for all the dollars and inventory; pay the bills; and provide facilities and capital to run the business.

As you can see, one person does not succeed alone. One idea does not stand-alone. A host of supporting ideas and efforts are required to demonstrate the ideas. The people that have contributed and continue to do the work of Marlin were JT’s most enduring satisfactions. JT passed away in 1996.

Marlin has generated a reputation of integrity throughout the world. This is the collective accomplishments of everyone, past and present, of Marlin Manufacturing Corporation.